Jan 24 2009

An Update, Mail, Ubuntu, etc

So it has been a very good week indeed. We finished our switch at NFi Studios over to MailTrust, and after some getting used to it, I am very happy with out choice. It is a relief to know that our email is being hosted with such a great team. Their migrations team did everything to make sure that our setup is as complete as it needed to be, and as anyone who has ever moved email knows, it is rough. So a big thanks to Matt, Scott and the rest of the MailTrust team.

As I have written in the past, I moved my blog over to SliceHost and we picked Ubuntu Intrepid as the OS (mostly due to Derek Gallo’s previous experience with his Slice running it.) It has been a great choice for me and Ian Merkel. Well after using this server for a while, I decided to try installing the Ubutu Desktop 8.10 on a spare PC I had laying around. So far it is a very swift operating system (considering its running on a Pentium4 with 768 MB of RAM). I will try installing Apache2, PHP and MySQL and report how it runs.

I really do think it is time to build a new computer. If Ubuntu works out it would be a perfect OS to run on such a machine.

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