Sep 06 2012

Print Using System Dialog for Chrome on Mac

It is no secret that I like OSX, and I like the uniformity of applications that have been well developed to fit into the OSX user experience. However, one of the application I use a lot, Google Chrome, has decided to override a few OSX system features that that I am rather fond of. The one that tends to bother me the most is the usage of an alternative print dialog box. I am used to the layout of the system dialog, and prefer it, yet Chrome has no options (say in chrome://flags/) to alter this functionality. After a bit of Googling (how appropriate), I found the option you need to alter to fix this (a very creative way). If you open a terminal and run the following command it will restore the Cmd-P shortcut key to the System Print Dialog instead of the Goog-tastic version.

defaults write NSUserKeyEquivalents -dict-add \
'Print Using System Dialog...' '@p' 'Print...' '~@p'

Another note, it will also remap the Google-tastic print dialog box to Cmd-Opt-P in case you miss it terribly.

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