Jun 15 2013

JetBrains Addiction

I very rarely fanboy over software, especially not IDE products, but I must in this case do so. When I was working on MemberFuse™ I was introduced to PhpStorm by JetBrains and was hesitant to switch from my very comfortable relationship with Eclipse. I had been using Eclipse for many years in different variations (Zend Studio and Eclipse PDT), and was very set in my ways. However, between two of my coworkers, Nikos and Derek I was convinced to give the demo a try and was impressed enough to purchase a copy (two in fact commercial and personal).

PhpStorm 6

Fast forward to 2013, I am now no longer working in PHP but in C#, and when moved over to C# one of the other senior guys put a request in for me to get a license for ReSharper which is another product by JetBrains, however instead of being an IDE, it is a plugin for Visual Studio which adds all the features of an IntelliJ (the technology-ish behind all JetBrains IDEs) IDE that I love. It was at this point that I was addicted to JetBrains features. As I was fairly new to the C# language in its current iteration (I had not used it since college time) its ability to catch syntax error and also propose improvements was second-to-none. It was such a good experience that I caved and bought AppCode which is their IDE for Objective-C, the language used to make Mac and iOS applications. I have left Xcode for a better friend.

So it is with this being said that I have a JetBrains addiction…


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