Sep 05 2013

All apps should have…

As I sit in Panera on my new MacBook Air I realize that some of my applications aren’t configured the same way on it that they are on my other computers. For example Xcode (although not a great example since I’m not currently using it.) I believe that all applications should support syncing settings and preferences via some sort of cloud based storage application, and I am partial to Dropbox. Alfred ( has been supporting this for a while now and it really is a simple solution. Alfred simply allows you to set a folder that you want to save your settings that are going to be sync’d, and all you do is create a folder in your Dropbox folder and let Alfred know about it – simple – no API calls needed. Obviously they had to write some logic to handle checking if there are current settings and how to merge/import/export settings to this location, but that’s something as a developer that would excite me. ReSharper’s plugin is a little more complicated and uses the Dropbox API, but still it serves a purpose. However I wish the ReSharper plugin would extend to ALL of Visual Studio. Intellij uses its own service, which while this helps a lot I’d prefer to have all of my settings in one place. So this is my thought on computer applications, if you have a lot of settings in you application that can be customized, then you should allow them to be sync’d to the cloud. That is all for today.

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