Daniel Smith

Orlando, Florida

Software Architect & Musician
Computer Science BS, University of Central Florida
Twitter: @danielrsmith
Instagram: @danielrsmith
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/danielrs

About Daniel

Originally Daniel wanted his bio to simply read “he codes, he eats, and he sleeps”, but it was advised that he give a little more insight. Living in Florida most of his life, outside of receiving a BS in Computer Science at the University of Central Florida, his hobbies include, playing music, boating, scuba diving and exploring new places in Orlando. On the software development side, Daniel spent the last six years of his life working in PHP and C# on a variety of social and CRM applications, including starting and leading the development of a large SaaS based social network. He happily joined the EverFi team towards the end of 2013 with the promise of working with “the best programming language you have ever experienced”, so he moved over to the dark side and learned Ruby and the Ruby on Rails framework. Having programmed for the better part of two decades, he brings to the table years of software design experience and applies his expert data and object design skills to a new language. Recently he declared that Ruby had overtaken PHP in his preferred languages list – so mission accomplished. Fun fact – Daniel plays the French Horn in a local orchestra in Orlando.

Daniel is currently a Senior Software Architect at EverFi. He can be contacted for contract work by visiting his contact page.