Sep 06 2012

Print Using System Dialog for Chrome on Mac

It is no secret that I like OSX, and I like the uniformity of applications that have been well developed to fit into the OSX user experience. However, one of the application I use a lot, Google Chrome, has decided to override a few OSX system features that that I am rather fond of. The one that tends to bother me the most is the usage of an alternative print dialog box. I am used to the layout of the system dialog, and prefer it, yet Chrome has no options (say in chrome://flags/) to alter this functionality. After a bit of Googling (how appropriate), I found the option you need to alter to fix this (a very creative way). If you open a terminal and run the following command it will restore the Cmd-P shortcut key to the System Print Dialog instead of the Goog-tastic version.

defaults write NSUserKeyEquivalents -dict-add \
'Print Using System Dialog...' '@p' 'Print...' '~@p'

Another note, it will also remap the Google-tastic print dialog box to Cmd-Opt-P in case you miss it terribly.

Aug 07 2012

Upcoming – Living with Drobo


My next technology related blog entry will be detailing my experiences with my Drobo. This will include all the details of my dealings with the device and the company responsible for it.

Jan 16 2012

SQL or Hadoop

Derek showed me this. Pretty funny if you ask me, because I am still looking for an excuse to use Hadoop, but alas nothing comes to mind.

Dec 11 2011

WordPress 3.3 RC3

So I decided to upgrade to WordPress 3.3 a little early (its on RC3). So far…. so good, and it looks like it’s going to be another solid release from the WordPress team. I have been thinking that it is about time I get involved in the WordPress community as developer, seeing as I have been using the software now for years. Not sure what I am going to do first, but I plan on building something.

Not much else new to report. But eventually I will update this thing more frequently.


Sep 23 2011

New Facebook Profile

Awesome job Facebook!