Dec 05 2009

Ubuntu Karmic Koala

Thanks to the Rackspace Cloud Team, I have upgraded my server to Ubuntu 9.10. Didn’t realize however that doing the upgrade wouldn’t work without their help. They need to do the kernel upgrade. Oh well, it works now!

Nov 11 2009

Back from SEMA Show

I am back from the SEMA Show, check out the album when you get a chance! I will post some details on the latest projects that I am involved with for SEMA when I get a chance!

[flickr album=72157622771488184 num=5 size=Square]

Oct 11 2009

A salute to good technology

Sorry, but I had to post this:

Sep 13 2009

Back from Keys Vacation

10627_791784405592_5101595_46342110_4049372_nI am back from my Florida Keys Vacation with the family and ready to get back to my usual! Posts to come include posts on: Technical Debt, Cloud Hosting and Zend Framework.

Can’t to write them and put them out there. Also can’t wait to post pictures from the vacation and post some pretty cool stories!

Aug 29 2009

Where did you get my profile image?

I have been asked numerous times how after a person posts a comment on my blog, do I have a profile picture for them. If you are really into social media or blogs you probably already know the answer, but if you don’t, I will be glad to explain it to you.

The answer is a service called Gravatar or a “globally recognized avatar”. It is a service that allows you to associate an image of yourself (or anything else for that matter) to your email address (or multiples). So when a site like mine sees your email address on a comment we can get your current image from Gravatar.

Gravatar was created by the fine people at Automattic who also contribute to WordPress (the greatest blog engine, ever!)

So if you are into social media, or even if you are not, go ahead and sign up for Gravatar and make sure that your profile images are your own.