Aug 27 2009

Time for a New Phone

As I am growing weary of Sprint and their lack of customer support, and the lack of speed my Blackberry Curve 8330 produces, I am now in search for a new cell phone. I really want an iPhone, but that would involve breaking my contract with Sprint (at a cost) and moving to AT&T. So I have a poll here with two phones from Sprint and the iPhone from AT&T. Help me decide which one to get. Please also comment with opinions on customer service, reception in the Central Florida area, pricing, etc.

If I was to get another phone what kind should I get?

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Aug 11 2009

Personal Branding Helps With Energy

I know I haven’t posted a lot of content lately, just pictures. I promise I will be getting back to that.


Jul 22 2009

Awesome! WOOT

Computers and Lights

Jun 13 2009

WordPress 2.8

Wordpress 2.8 is out and beside a few plugin incompatibilities I think it is a great release. There seems to be a lot of negative attention to some of the bugs due to plugins on the boards but I found the 1 offending plugin and disabled it until it was fixed. Besides that, now it is time to update my theme to take advantage of all of the new WordPress goodies! Thanks guys!

Apr 05 2009

Home Office Space

New Home SetupSo the hp w2408h was finally discontinued, and replaced by 23″ and 25″ models, so it was my last chance to by the 24″ lcd to match my iMac at home. So I have been shopping for the monitor for a while, and the price was always $400+, so with it being discontinued I was able to get it for a MUCH better price. Besides that life is really good, spring is here and so are the rain storms in Orlando. Started to really dig into Obj-C and Cocoa, hopefully it will start to become one of my strong languages.

On the work front I was down in Miami Beach for the Avectra Developer Conference, that was a fun little conference to go to, learned a lot about the industry that we are a vendor in, and was able to pick up some new knowledge about integrating with netForum.