Feb 16 2009

Should Derek Gallo Update His Blog?

This is dedicated to the effort to get Derek Gallo to update his site.

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Nov 01 2008

House-Watch 2008 Update

So the furniture arrived yesterday and I got home around 7pm to enjoy it. I have to say I love having couches in my living room. Now its time to go shopping for a table and chairs and a coffee table (I use my laptop a lot out there and I’d like a coffee table). I also need to go to Target or something to get some odds and ends. So that will be my Sunday morning errand. Besides that I canceled my MobileMe account as there are no integrations between it and WordPress so far. I have actually purchased a Flickr Pro account in order to start uploading all of my photos from like 5 years. Also for file storage nothing can beat DropBox. I am a huge fan of DropBox! Get it and try it out, its free and you can’t go wrong.

I will be posting pictures of the house all put together soon enough. I am in the progress of uploading a lot of pictures!

Oct 27 2008

Happy Halloween

Hey all, I hope everyone is getting through the month of October. I have updated my blogs theme for the Halloween season. My house is going great and I recently ordered furniture for it.