Oct 27 2008

Happy Halloween

Hey all, I hope everyone is getting through the month of October. I have updated my blogs theme for the Halloween season. My house is going great and I recently ordered furniture for it.

Oct 23 2008

Thanks Dad…

From my dad via email:

new post… i own it…daniel rocks…come see my new home….LOL

I guess that was a hint to tell everyone that I own a house.

Oct 01 2008

New House

So right now I am patiently waiting to close on my house. On October 20th I should/will be the proud owner of a 3 bedroom 2 ½ bathroom house. I am very excited. So I have to start packing up the apartment and start looking for furniture. Loads of fun to be had.

Check out pictures of it here.

I hope everyone else is having a good start to October.

You only live once, and this is a definitely not a dress rehearsal.

Aug 27 2008

WordPress Easy Update

So I finally took the time out to change my WordPress install to be a checkout from Subversion (SVN). This will eliminate the headache of copying files to my website when I want to update to the latest version of WP. Following WordPress’ upgrade procedures (even though I know how to use SVN very well) I was able to backup my old site and move my modification over to an SVN checked out copy of WordPress. Since I use this blog regularly I decided to not checkout the trunk which would be the latest and greatest version of WP, and might or probably does contain bugs. I opted for the tag of the latest stable revision of WP (2.6.1). When I decided to update next all I will do is run the command:

$ svn sw http://svn.automattic.com/wordpress/tags/SOMEVERSION/ . 

and I will be all set! For anyone looking for directions to do this, even if you are a newbie to subversion, WordPress has a great tutorial on it for you: Updating WordPress using Subversion.

Aug 25 2008

Object-Oriented Programming with PHP5

So as some of you already know, in my venture to keep up on the development community and trends, I have started to review books for Packt Publishing. They have sent me a few books to read and review, and I will be posting them to my blog for everyone to read. I have picked books from them that I believe are topics worth exploring and actually reading from a book (and not just finding a resource online).

The first book that was delivered is the one that this post is dedicated to. Object-Oriented Programming with PHP5 by Hasin Hayder was picked to go over what I believe to be the base of successfully programming in PHP. Object oriented programming is not an option anymore when working in this business. So if you have been stuck as a procedural programming in PHP it’s time to remedy that and apply some new (well not really new) techniques and master the language.