Aug 25 2008

Object-Oriented Programming with PHP5

So as some of you already know, in my venture to keep up on the development community and trends, I have started to review books for Packt Publishing. They have sent me a few books to read and review, and I will be posting them to my blog for everyone to read. I have picked books from them that I believe are topics worth exploring and actually reading from a book (and not just finding a resource online).

The first book that was delivered is the one that this post is dedicated to. Object-Oriented Programming with PHP5 by Hasin Hayder was picked to go over what I believe to be the base of successfully programming in PHP. Object oriented programming is not an option anymore when working in this business. So if you have been stuck as a procedural programming in PHP it’s time to remedy that and apply some new (well not really new) techniques and master the language.

Aug 19 2008

CoLab Orlando

CoLab Orlando is a co-working facility opening its doors next to my office at NFi Studios. I am very excited about it and can’t wait to see the Orlando Tech community get together at it. Etan Horowitz of the Orlando Sentinel has written about it in his blog. Open house for it will be on August 26, 2008 on the 6th Floor of the Angebilt Building. See the CoLab Orlando website for more details.

Aug 18 2008

Can’t Get a Break…

What do the following have in common?

  • The start of Marching Knight Band Camp
  • Family renting a house in the keys

Answer: They both could or will be interrupted by Tropical Storm/Hurricane Fay.

It wouldn’t be hurricane season without one at least threatening to come our way. So to everyone in Central Florida…”hunker down?!?”. I think we can expect some weather, but I don’t know if we should expect to see real tropical force winds or what not, I guess by the late night update we should have a better idea. Looking at the computer models 6 out of 8 have the store coming close to Orlando, but mostly showing it as a Tropical Storm. This should be a lot of fun!

T.S. Fay: August 11, 2008 - 11AM

T.S. Fay: August 11, 2008 – 11AM

Aug 05 2008

Don’t buy from EVER

Bought a Motorola S9 Headset from after seeing it listed on as a sidedeal for less than $50. Well these headsets retail for around $130 at Best Buy and they are a bluetooth pair of headphones. Well when I got them they were poorly wrapped in box, and were missing the ‘Genuine’ Motorola holographic sticker. Well the mic doesn’t work on them and I suspect them to be a fake. All I have gotten was the shake from eCost on the phone. Finally they ‘supposedly’ called Motorola and authorized a return to eCost??? I don’t think this possible and this is probably all a sham. So now I am waiting for an email from eCost with the RMA instructions and prepaid return slip so I can get a refund of my money. Funny part is that the woman warned me that the email will probably end up in the Spam box and to check that for it. Strange thing for an e-Commerce store to have to tell me. Never buy from them ever, they just do not care about you.

I am going to Best Buy to purchase them and spend the money on a ‘quality’ product.

Aug 05 2008

The “N” Key Caper/iPhone Status

So as everyone knows I bought into the Apple craze years ago and have been a loyal fan of their vision and products. I currently use a MacBook Pro for work and an iMac at home and have not a bad thing to say about them. Any problems that I have had with them have been directly related to something that I had done to them. But alas this isn’t a rant about any of my Apple products.

This week my ‘N’ key on my laptop broke (I am not going to discuss how that happened, just realize that I wasn’t the one to break it), and I called Apple and set up an appointment with the Genius Bar at the Apple Store @ Millenia. This kind of thing isn’t a big deal for them to fix, it literally took the girl 3 minutes to fix it and that as it. But that 3 minutes didn’t include the hour I had to wait to see someone. You see I had a 7:00 pm appointment, but get their at 6:30 pm to be safe. Well it took me an hour to get in and out, but the funny part was how many people were their to fix their NEW iPhones. I am once again a Apple Fan, but maybe the release of the iPhone 3G was premature. Jobs has already admitted that MobileMe was premature, maybe this one is too. That isn’t stopping the mobs from buying in. Loads of people have the 3G model and love them, I just feel bad for the people who think that this is the quality of an Apple product. Just wait until everyone remembers that Apple also makes computers, then the stock will go back up.

Just my thoughts.