Jun 05 2008

No…I’m still alive!

So I haven’t posted in a while and I figured I should quickly post with a catch up. Work is going good, a lot of work to get done, but we are accomplishing a lot of really cool things over here. I have taken on a task of reviewing programming books, I have two books in my hands right now, I have finished one and am working on the other. Stay tuned for reviews on my site of them. Summer is nice, I actually missed the warm weather, but not getting sunburned. Florida Day was this past weekend, and it was really nice to see a lot of old friends and make some new ones. I sat out by the pool most of Saturday, and then on Sunday I went to the beach. It is not a good idea to get burned at the pool and then decide to goto the beach the next day. But it was worth it. It was a lot of fun and I am very happy that I went. With being so busy lately I haven’t had time to hang with some of my friends, but I promise that I am working harder to correct that.

On a slightly geekier note. I have been addicted to one computer game since I was really young. I love the Sid Meier’s Civilization series. I have Civilization 4 for Mac and play it regularly when I have some free time. I also enjoy playing Age of Empires 3 (thanks to my roommate). But the exciting news is that Civilization Revolutions is being released as a console game for XBox 360. So I am very excited to pickup a copy on June 8th. Yay!

Well I hope everyone is well. I hope to write something a little more geeky in the coming days!

Apr 18 2008

Marching Knights Open Show Selection

You Pic the Shows!

So one of the most heard comments about the UCF Marching Knights is in regards to their show selection. Everyone has the show that they think that the band should play. So in the spirit of community and the Black and Gold Nation, the Marching Knights have decided to open their show selecting process to the masses. For the past few months the band has been accepting emailed show suggestions and they have been split up into two categories, “Fan Submitted” and “Member Submitted” shows. So now on the website you can vote for two “Fan Submitted” shows and two “Member Submitted” shows.

Apr 18 2008

Secret Blog

I am blogging from an undisclosed location as my whereabouts are currently a secret. The person it is a secret from probably doesn’t even read this. Oh well, they will when I show it to them later. Just to rub it in. I hope everyone has a good weekend and all of my friends who have finals this coming week at UCF have a semi-painless weekend studying for exams.

Apr 16 2008

NFi Studios Launches Paper Less Events!

Paper Less Events

From www.paperlessevents.com:

Benefits of Paper Less Events include:

  • Custom Tailored Software and Hardware that adds Credibility to any organization’s event
  • Streamlined attendee check-in
  • Event Website promotes attendee networking
  • Sponsors have many opportunities through ad placement and digital signage to promote their brand
  • Event technology makes the entire event convenient, reliable, and private

Green conventions or green meetings are events which are conducted in ways which minimize the environmental burdens imposed by such activities. Green event and convention planning is now an established trend.

More and more companies and event organizers are thinking ”green“ Some of the statistics are proof in themselves that going Green is thriving and successful. The adoption of Green meetings and events sends a message to all that event organizers care about reducing their impact on the environment.

Apr 16 2008

Developing PHP on a Mac

I am sure that many PHP developers that a new to the World of Mac development are relieved when they realize (or already know) that PHP is already installed on their Mac by default. But the time and setup to get Apache2, PHP and MySQL to interact together, in an easy manage fashion might be a little harder in the beginning. If you are the type of user that is just doing some local web development and then moving it to a live server or maybe a staging server it is worthwhile to just go and download MAMP.