Oct 29 2008

Finished Moving

Just as a public service announcement I have finally completed moving from the apartment to my new house. My dad is insistent on me posting pictures of it to my website, so I will be working on that this weekend after the new furniture shows up (I don’t want to post pictures of my empty living room). Now the task is just unpacking everything and putting it away. So the next few days and nights will be dedicated to finally really settling in.

Besides that a few things have changed, I now have the 15Meg service from RoadRunner and I have a DVR. I like the DVR purely to pause live TV like football. I’m sure I will get more into it later.

Oct 27 2008

Happy Halloween

Hey all, I hope everyone is getting through the month of October. I have updated my blogs theme for the Halloween season. My house is going great and I recently ordered furniture for it.

Oct 23 2008

Thanks Dad…

From my dad via email:

new post… i own it…daniel rocks…come see my new home….LOL

I guess that was a hint to tell everyone that I own a house.

Oct 01 2008

New House

So right now I am patiently waiting to close on my house. On October 20th I should/will be the proud owner of a 3 bedroom 2 ½ bathroom house. I am very excited. So I have to start packing up the apartment and start looking for furniture. Loads of fun to be had.

Check out pictures of it here.

I hope everyone else is having a good start to October.

You only live once, and this is a definitely not a dress rehearsal.

Aug 27 2008

WordPress Easy Update

So I finally took the time out to change my WordPress install to be a checkout from Subversion (SVN). This will eliminate the headache of copying files to my website when I want to update to the latest version of WP. Following WordPress’ upgrade procedures (even though I know how to use SVN very well) I was able to backup my old site and move my modification over to an SVN checked out copy of WordPress. Since I use this blog regularly I decided to not checkout the trunk which would be the latest and greatest version of WP, and might or probably does contain bugs. I opted for the tag of the latest stable revision of WP (2.6.1). When I decided to update next all I will do is run the command:

and I will be all set! For anyone looking for directions to do this, even if you are a newbie to subversion, WordPress has a great tutorial on it for you: Updating WordPress using Subversion.

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